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Welcome To Drivetime School Of Motoring

It is our aim to provide you with the best value for money driver training available anywhere in Birmingham. You will be taken through a structured course of learning whereby every aspect of driving will be covered. It is not our aim to train you to just pass your driving test, but to train you to become a safe driver for life who will be considerate to both his/her vehicle and to other road users. You will also be given tuition in the Theory and Hazard Perception Test.

To help you in your training, diagrams will be provided showing you the main points of the topics which you have covered during your lessons. You will also be given regular progress reports highlighting the main areas which you need to improve on. On some occasions, some kind of homework will be set. Videos of awkward junctions which come up on test will also be available on the website to help you prepare for the big day!

If you listen carefully to your instructor and try to apply yourself to the best of your ability, there is no reason why you should not learn to drive quickly and at the same time enjoy your lessons.

All that remains to be said is GOOD LUCK and SAFE DRIVING.

Taruq Hussain