At Drivetime we issue our pupils with an A5 folder. This folder will be your 'companion' to aid your learning and will include detailed notes and diagrams of all the topics covered during the course of your lessons. It will also include notes highlighting weaknesses and how to improve them as well as previous Mock Test sheets whereby the pupil can review their mistakes and learn from them.

This is a unique service which is offered by Drivetime and gives you the opportunity to back up what you have learned on your lesson by reading the relevant detailed notes during the week and before your next lesson. This will re-enforce the learning process and help you to learn to drive more quickly.

The reason for issuing a folder is quite simple. Whenever you learn something of a practical nature, there is always a theoretical side to it. Without having the solid foundation of the theory, how can you hope to implement the practical elements into your driving.

The overall benefit of the folder is that you will take less lessons to learn to drive.

The folder contains the following:

  • Syllabus with progress monitor.
  • Detailed notes of all topics including all manoeuvres.
  • Lesson reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses on specific lessons.
  • Diagrams and notes on 'complicated' junctions which come up on driving test routes.
  • Photos, diagrams and notes on the 'Show me tell me' questions asked at the beginning of the practical test.