On your driving test you will be asked to carry out one of four manoeuvers. Diagrams will be provided for all of them showing you the correct procedures required to maintain good accuracy and safety throughout.

Turn in the Road

More commonly known as the three-point turn exercise. A means by which the driver of a vehicle turns the car round to go the opposite way!

Reverse Corner

The reverse corner is also a manoeuver which is used to turn the car round to go the opposite way. If a road is narrow then this manoeuver may be more convenient than the turn in the road exercise. The skills used in this manoeuver are the same as those used when reversing into a driveway or a parking bay.

Reverse Park

An essential skill required in modern day driving with limited parking spaces available on our roads today. It is always easier to reverse into a tight space rather than driving forward into it.

Bay Park

Reversing into an enclosed space so that it is safer to move out facing forward into the flowing traffic. Usually required at supermarket car parks although many prefer to drive forward into spaces so that they can access their boot more easily. However, still a skill required in places like cinema car parks and service stations on our motorway networks! The skills used here are also similar to the skills used for reversing into a driveway so that you can drive forward into the road which is always the safer option.