Other Road Users

Pedestrian crossings and use of signals

Two topics normally covered together. We go through the different types of crossings - controlled crossings (Pelican, Toucan and Puffin) and un-controlled crossings (Zebra). We look at how to identify them early on approach and how to deal with them safely.

We also look at the different types of signals we can give as a driver and the different signals used by other road users.

Meeting traffic

How to deal with oncoming vehicles when the road ahead of us narrows and there may not be enough room for two vehicles to pass safely. Identifying who has priority and who must wait in these traffic situations. This can be quite a challenging topic with the size of cars getting bigger and a side roads being packed with lots of parked cars.

Crossing Traffic

How to judge oncoming vehicles when turning right from a main road into a side road. This topic is initially covered as part of left and right turns but further enhanced and monitored here!


Overtaking is one of the most difficult manoeuvers in driving. Lots of factors have to be taken into account to ensure that it is done safely.


Whilst driving, we must make sure that we maintain a safe space around our car at all times. This includes whilst driving in slow traffic situations and when driving at higher speeds on main roads and on dual carriageways.


This topic deals with issues relating to speed. Whenever we drive our speed must be appropriate to the road and traffic situations we encounter.

Awareness, Planning and Anticipation

An essential skill in being a good driver. A driver needs to be aware of what is happening ahead of them and they must plan for it. A driver must also be able to anticipate situations happening in front of them so that they can deal with them safely.